Nupur Kohli

Drs. Nupur Kohli is a Medical Doctor, Author, Global Speaker and a Strategic Healthcare Consultant. Fascinated by the human body and how it works, she obtained her Masters degree in Medicine from the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam. Thereafter she did Fundamentals of Business from Harvard Business School - HBX, USA.  She also did Medical Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University and healthcare business courses with several leading consulting firms.

She aspires to reduce stress in societies, businesses and the corporate world, affecting decision making, productivity and profitability. She did substantial research on stress and productivity and is the author of the book 'Chill! How to survive stress and improve personal and professional productivity. Symptoms and solutions to chronic pressure.' (

Several of her research articles have appeared in international medical journals. She appeared several times on TV, Radio and print media in the Netherlands and abroad. She is also active in the board of several NGOs and has many years of leadership experience.



Tijmen Blankevoort

Tijmen is founder and CTO of Scyfer, a company that applies the latest developments of machine learning on large companies. At Scyfer, he applies Deep Learning to a wide variety of problems, simulating human-like intelligence when solving problems.

Tijmen studied Japanese and Mathematics along with Computer Science at the University of Leiden and spent a year abroad in Japan. He also holds a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence. Tijmen recently had a talk at Amsterdam Artificial Intelligence conference.

When he’s not using insanely smart machines, Tijmen likes to do Parkour (sport of moving rapidly through an area, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing) and play Magic: The Gathering.

Even if the world will be taken over by smart computers one day, one thing is for sure: Tijmen will take over our TEDx stage and we are looking forward to it

Erno Pickee.png

Erno Pickee

Erno is Nyenrode alumnus and founder of ‘Your Legacy Academy’. In his academy, he focuses on the purpose, cause and belief that inspire his students and who they want to be in the future. He hands out the exam sheets on the first day of class and asks his students to only stay if they are interested. He sends his students away on a plane without anything and asks them to apply the skills learned to come back.

After having worked for several years in marketing, Erno traveled the world - from the Netherlands to Asia, South America and New Zealand. After this, he started teaching and coaching and is now on his mission to make the world a better place with education.

Are you ready for inspiration and education by Erno? We are!

Lidewey van der Sluis

Lidewey is professor at Nyenrode Business University, thought leader in strategic talent management, public speaker, board advisor and business owner.

She studied at the University of Amsterdam and London Business School and received her PhD in Economics at Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Lidewey has experience as an HR consultant, professor, editor and columnist at Elsevier and member of several boards. She founded the Powerhouse Competing for Talent at Nyenrode University, which is a professional community of strategic talent management. With her company Learning Vision, she provides HR and talent management seminars and workshops.

We’re happy to have Lidewey inspire us with some of her expert knowledge in the fields of talent management, labor market topics and individual and talent learning and development.

Lidewey van der Sluis.png

Ritik Mehta_homepage.png

Ritik Mehta

Ritik Mehta is a student at the Onze Lieve Vrouwe College in Antwerp, Belgium. But besides being a regular 16-year-old, he has a life most adults would envy. An expert in the field of 3D print and 3D Design, he gives talks on the matter and workshops to help his generation bridge a potential skill gap. He is now venturing into new domains of interest: (Synthetic) Biology and Space Exploration.

Ritik is an example of a new generation that is fascinated by the potential of new technologies but can not find the right exposure in current educational frameworks. At age 10 he got fascinated with 3D printing and became the poster boy for the technology and its potential in the hands of unbiased youth.

He then took this interest to another level by starting to teach other kids about 3D modelling and instilling a skill that would allow them to solve their own problems. This showed him the potential of peer to peer education and the fact that school will not prepare him for the future he will face. Exploring more with his father, he learned about more technologies that will shape the future: from robotics and AI to biology and space. 

His first TEDx talk was at age 12 about 3D printing and telling kids to “begin with 3dprinting now. Now that your teacher does not tell you how to. Now that there are no rules.” In 2015 he gave a TEDx talk in Vilnius about his life after TEDxKids, where he shared his views on the future and the future of schools.

Mark Tuitert

Even though the Olympic Games 2016 are over now, with Mark Tuitert as our speaker at TEDx Nyenrode 2016 the Olympic spirit lives on.

Mark is a speed skater who has participated in several Olympic Games and even won the gold medal in speed skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

He’s also participating in the Sports Leadership program at Nyenrode Business University due to his interest in linking sports with entrepreneurship.

With the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, Mark finished his skating career and is now commercial director of iSkate (an organization supporting skaters along their career), owner of MIZ (importer of unique skate and sports products) and analyst/columnist of skate competitions.

Additionally, Mark is an inspiring speaker and coach - talking about dreaming, personal limits and success and ‘the art of the peaks’ and ‘how to get the best out of yourself’.

Mark Tuitert.png

Daria Van Den Bercken.png

Daria Van Den Bercken

Dutch-Russian pianist Daria van den Bercken has the world listening when she plays. With her project ‘Handel at the Piano’ Daria used alternative stages to perform her art. We can see her flying over the crowd in Brazil - playing the piano - or touring through the streets of Amsterdam - her piano attached to a car.

Having finished her studies in Indiana and the Amsterdam Conservatory, Daria won the Dutch Classical Talent Award twice. Daria has also featured in a weekly series about classical music on prime time Dutch television. She played amongst others with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Daria developed the Talk & Play presentation, inviting very diverse audiences to open up to the music. She presents it at universities, companies and international stages such as TED – Ideas Worth Spreading.

Arthur Sevenstern

Some of you might still recognize Arthur from last year’s TEDx, in which he coached our speakers. This year, he himself will be standing on our TEDx stage and share his story.

Apart from speakers coaching, Arthur is also lecturer, startup coach, involved in change management and keynote speaker on topics like leadership, change and storytelling. His broad professional experience is ranging from sales to account manager and regional director. Next to his speakers coaching in Excellent presenteren (, he has recently also taken on the challenge of lecturing at a hogeschool. 

Arthur studied civil engineering in Delft and he also did his MBA at Nyenrode Business University. He’s always actively involved in the Nyenrode community for events like TEDx or Peer group coaching.

Arthur Sevenstern.jpg

Katja Schipperheijn

Katja is a dedicated learning professional and a people connector par excellence. She holds a Master in Economic Sciences and an eMBA from Antwerp Management School. With over 15 years’ experience as manager and trusted advisor for multinational companies, Katja has developed expertise in corporate collaboration tools and knowledge sharing. In recent years she has used her experience and talent to develop learning frameworks for corporate universities, integrating social tools and performance management, focused on the individual.

Katja is co-founder of the LearnScape, a learning eco-system that uses social apps, e-coaching and safe intranet to stimulate formal and informal learning. She is currently also Customer Success Director at Habit of Improvement, a company preparing organisations for sustainable growth and the transition to a collaborative culture. 
With this amazing mix of expertise and passion for learning in everything she does, Katja will bring the concept of learning eco-systems and our role in it closer to the audience!