Esther Jacobs

Esther Jacobs is known as the ‘no excuses lady’ because she loves challenges and knows you can always find a solution, if you really want to. She raised €16 million for charity, participated in the European Survivor TV show, traveled to over a 100 countries and has written 5 books. A former Nyenrode BBA student, Esther has inspired thousands of organizations and entrepreneurs around the world with her motivational speeches, workshops and life philosophy. As a digital nomad, she has no fixed place to live, but considers the world her playground.



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Maurits Groen

Maurits Groen is a 'serial sustainable entrepreneur’ who has founded several sustainable companies while publishing books and organizing events on the same subject.

During his studies in political science he became interested in environmental and developmental issues and joined activist groups in The Netherlands.

For more than 30 years Maurits is running his own environmental communications consultancy, MauritsGroen*MGMC. He is also active as a writer, producer, director, editor and presenter of radio and television documentary programmes and working with governmental bodies and NGOs.

Currently he also holds the position of Director and Co-found at WakaWaka, a company whichaims at making sustainable essential products available and affordable for people at the Bottom of the Pyramid.



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Sjoerd Wennekes

Sjoerd Wennekes likes to use the term 'entreprenerd' to describe himself. Having set up his first company at the age of twelve, he is now active in the world of (video)games, gadgets and technical innovations. With his Bachelor’s studies in Chemical Engineering and Design for Virtual Theatre and Games, Sjoerd has acquired a broad knowledge about diverse topics. He also holds an Executive MBA from Nyenrode University and his studies have lead him around to the globe to South Africa and The United States.
With his company Monobanda and projects evolving out of it, he is currently busy with business development in the gaming development industry.



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Sven Mastbooms

Sven Mastbooms is an expert in trend analysis and the consequences of exponential (technology) thinking. Having experience in the fields of entertainment, retail, financial services and beyond, he is situated at the core where innovation shows first.

As a futurist and alumni of Singularity University, sharing knowledge and insights comes naturally to him. Sven guides students, start-ups and corporate boards through the pitfalls of exponential technology using his Shortcut Society Model.

He’s currently involved in multiple projects ranging from education and work, to sustainable energy and health.




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Margreet van der Pijl

Margreet van der Pijl is connector pur sang and loves revolutions. After study, travel, research and work in Africa, Asia and Latin America, she was determined to change the system. First she wanted to infiltrate in a big international development organization and change the system from within, but then she met 1%Club, the first Crowdfunding Platform in the Netherlands (before the word Crowdfunding even existed) and together with the founders built up this organization. Margreet also organized, together with a dedicated team, a revolution movement in the international development field; "A Call 2 Action". Now she has her own company, DE CONNECTORS ( and started an initiative BEE COLLECTIVE (  in which she wants to activate collective intelligence around the wicked problems of our day and combine Doing good for the World with Making money and increasing Social Capital by doing this.  

Margreet Studied MsC International Development Studies in Amsterdam, Pedagogics at INHOLLAND and Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit.


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Yesim Candan

As a child of Turkish parents Yesim Candan was born in Rotterdam. After high school she studied at the Rotterdam International School of Economics, surrounded by cultures from around the world. Her follow-up studies at Nyenrode University fortified Yesims energy to work with people and cultures. After her first job at Reckitt Benckiser, she decided to follow her passion: given the perception of people with a bicultural background in the Netherlands a new impulse.

Yesim joined the Baak Management Centre VNO-NCW and coined the term 'bicultural' in the Dutch language as an alternative to 'foreign'. She emerged as a pioneer, who can build bridges between business, government and politics. Yesim got to know personalities including former Prime Minister Balkenende, Ahmed Aboutaleb, HRH Queen Maxima and Neelie Kroes who were all committing to her conviction and passion for her work. In 2010 she won the  Aletta Nu price  for her stake one Party, a new political movement for new thinking in the Netherlands. In 2011 she published her first book ‘Nederland Word Wakker’ which discusses integration in the Netherlands.


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